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Debut - Grade 2


Beginners of all ages are welcome, including those returning to drumming. We will use the Essential Skills Course to give you the skills you need to get started and performing with flow and confidence. Students will be able to follow, read and play simple drum charts.


You only do the grades if you want to. Fun is the priority!



Grade 3


Students who have progressed up to grade 2, or who already have some experience will enjoy the development of the Essential Skills that focus on greater control of the kit and begin to increase their creative playing and musical skills, which will include phrasing and reading at sight.

You only do the grades if you want to - getting better is the priority.

Grade 4 - 5 


Players will be develop greater control, good technique and an increase in styles and creative tools they can use in their playing. They will be confident playing in time, with and without clicks and backing tracks, as well as having skills that can be used in playing in a variety of musical situations

You only do the grades if you want to - getting great is the priority!

Professional and aspiring players


As a professional player and former University Lecturer, I am familiar with and enjoy working with players who want to develop their professional skills and their careers. We can develop a programme of study together, as well as simply deal with very specific areas of drumming that you may wish to work on: Hand and foot technique, Odd time signatures, styles and genres - Jazz, Latin - Afro-Cuban & Brazilian, Big Band, Sight and Chart reading etc. 

It starts with a simple conversation about what you want from your playing and we can assess together where you and how to get to where you where you want to be.

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Founder’s Notes 


I believe anyone can create music, and so I designed Gigajam to give everyone an opportunity to be able to play, by making learning to play fun. Lessons are interactive and the focus is always on the student. There will be lots of playing with music and making music; as it is in the doing that you learn to play.

Brian Greene  

I'd love to hear from you!

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