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Award winning Essential Drums

Skills Course Debut to Elite


Essential Drum Skills Course  

Drum lessons are all about the student. I can provide whatever it is you need from learning to play the drums, whether that is beginning, developing existing skills, preparing yourself for University or, developing  specific skills as a professional player.


My lessons are organised into a progressive course of learning to support beginners and returning players, right through to elite performance professionals. These are suitable for players of all ages and abilities and all are welcome!


The core of our curriculum is The Essential Drums Skills Course which is an award winning progressive pathway of study that leads drummers from beginners through to advanced intermediate players. 


The interactive programme is ordered into 6 grades: debut grade and grades one - five.


The programme works equally well for beginners and returning drummers and the level at which you start is assessed and reviewed as you progress ensuring that the learning is tailored for you.


All work is recorded and stored in a student's portfolio so that progress is clearly tracked, enabling students to understand how they are progressing, what they need to do to improve and ultimately serve as evidence for nationally recognised qualifications awarded by the University of West London/London College of Music Examinations.


Advanced and Elite players may well benefit from elements of the Essential Skills Course, but will have a programme designed for them to meet their specific requirements. These will invariable cover areas of technique, control, fluency, sight reading, styles, interpretation, musicality and performance techniques.


See how you will sound at the end of each lesson here


 Your Drum Lessons & digital curriculum 

Your drum lessons are supported with a comprehensive curriculum of study that ensures that you make good progress and yoan see and feel how you are improving and progressing towards your drumming goals.


The lessons blend tutor instruction and support of a digital curriculum that includes: instructional notes, diagrams, musical scores, play along exercises, recording and analysing software and videos. Every exercise is accompanied with this support ensuring that you students have a rich mix of learning resources during their lesson and when practising on their own. Please visit our Online Music School to see how it works.


You can choose whether to receive a national recognised award from The University of West London/London College of Music Examinations and start building your accreditation portfolio. 


See how you will sound at the end of each lesson here

 Your portfolio and graded exams 

In your lessons, we record every exercise you perform. We have the ability for software to capture your performance and provide you with a note for note analysis of how you have played the exercise - giving you the opportunity to see how well you have done and what you need to do improve.


Knowing what you are doing right and knowing when you are getting it wrong is often the area that students struggle the most with - leading to hours of wasted practice and potentially giving up. The software supports your teacher to clearly show you how you performed, so you will soon start to be able to make confident and accurate judgements of what you need to do to improve your playing. 

We have all the tools and skills to develop your playing, including the most important one -enjoyment and fun. Friendly, supportive and passionate about music, I am confident you will love learning to play with us.


See how you will sound at the end of each lesson here

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Enjoyable and Fun

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