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Brian Greene @ Gigajam Drum Studio

Gigajam drum studio has been designed to provide high quality live recorded drums for TV, Radio, Video, Podcasting, LIbrary, Jingles, Artists and Bands.  The key is a great sound. This is achieved through a perfectly designed drum space, created by Adam Vanryne - and top quality modern and vintage equipment.


Specially chosen microphones, top quality pre amps and audio interface, DAW and connected studio specially for remote recording and great sounding drums and cymbals.


The Vanryne Suite at Gigajam Drum Studio is run by professional drummer Brian Greene and everything is designed with the client in mind, to provide you with a great service, and most of all great tracks.

Brian Greene

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Brian is a versatile and experienced professional drummer with over 30 years of recording and live performing professionally. Brian has recorded for television on many shows for BBC, Carlton and Sky and has been heard on National and Local Radio. Whilst the house drummer at Dream of Oswald Studios, Brian played on many albums, recording for a wide range of artists and has also worked in some of the UKs most famous studios including Maida Vale, and Lansdowne Road in London.

Brian can play in all styles and provide great quality drums in: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Funk and Fusion.

You can simply provide a guide track and Brian will create a part for you, As a reading drummer, Brian can work with full scores, charts for drums and simple lead sheets.



The Gigajam Drum Studio was opened for remote live drum recording in September 2020.

The following projects have been recorded in the Vanryne Suite:



The Vanryne suite is complemented with carefully chosen equipment, to ensure the best sound is available to clients. We can provide a finished produced mix, or as many clients require, STEMS, that have the cleanest, purest drum sound, so that the drums can be produced for the sound specifically wanted by the artists producer.

A clean sound, requiring the least time for clients producers will save an enormous amount of studio time, so great care has been taken with all the elements that make up the sound generate from live drums.

We have created a great sounding space and then create and capture a great sound using a choice of kits and snare drums:

Pearl Session Studio Select Kit (Birch/Mahogany


22 x 16 Bass,

8,10,12" Rack toms,

14 and 16" Floor toms 














Pearl Masters (Maple)

22 x18 Bass,

8,10,12 Rack Toms,

14 and 16 Floor Toms















Pearl President Deluxe Vintage 75th Anniversary 1966


20 x 14 Bass

10 Tom

12 Tom

14" Floor Tom

















Pearl Masterworks Hand made Custom


22 x 18 Bass

10, 12 Rack Toms

16 Floor Tom






Snare Drums - Pearl:

  • Session Studio Select Birch/Mahogany14x8"

  • Session Studio Select Birch/Mahogany 14x6.6"
  • Masters MCT Maple 14x16.5"

  • Special Reserve Maple 14 x 5"

  • President Deluxe Luan Mahogony 14 x 5"

  • Stavecraft Makha 14 x5"

  • Sensitone Beaded Brass14 x 5.5"

  • Hybrid Exoctic Kapur/Fibreglass 14 x 5"


Snare Drum - DB Custom Percussion

  • DBG Signature Oak 14" x 5

Cymbals :

  • Meinl Byzance

  • Sabian AAX &HHX

  • Zyldjian Effects

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