Drum Gear 2019

The gear I use is based around a set up that I can easily add to.

Gig Kit - Pearl Masters

which consists of:

10" Tom

12" Mounted Lo Tom

22" Bass Drum

14" Snare Drum (Session Custom Classic)

Cymbals set up is Sabian AAX/HHX

12" Hi Hats

16" Crash

18" Crash

22" HHX Ride

Touring & Recording Kit - Space Elevator

I add:

14" Sonor Snare Drum

14" Mounted Lo Tom

13" AAX Sabian Crash

8"   AAX Sabian Spalsh

10" AAX Sabian Splash

14" AAX Sabian China

Hardware is all Pearl.

Jazz Kit - Mapex Vision

8"   Tom

12" Mounted Floor Tom

18" Bass Drum

14" Sonor Snare Drum

12" Sabian Hi Hats

22" Sabian HHX Ride Cymbal

20" Sabian AAX Ride Cymbal - rivet effects

14" Sabian AAX Studio Crash


18, Spring Gardens Road,

High Wycombe,


HP13 7AG

T: 07976 208859



Monday-Friday 10:00am-9:00pm


Music Grades with Gigajam awarded by London College of Music Examinations
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