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Learn to Play Bass

You can play, from day one

Learning to play bass online, with our award winning interactive guitar, bass, keyboard & drum lessons get you playing from the first lesson. Our online bass school has videos, play-along files and online assessment to guide you from Debut Grade to Grade 5 with our unique music grades for bass guitar.


Bass lessons for beginners right through to professional standard. 

Interactive Lessons


Bite-sized learning


Step by step instructions ensure that you have everything you need to progress as you learn to play drums at the fastest possible rate.


Narrated lessons present key knowledge through text, diagrams, videos, and interactive play-along exercises, all housed in our online drum school.


Professional tutors and TV shows


Every exercise has an accompanying video where a professional tutor performs the exercise for you to watch.

Every lesson also has a TV Show, where tutor and presenter go through the whole lesson in a studio format.


A backing band right in your browser

There's a backing band track for every exercise.

So you aren't just sitting there playing by yourself, you are always putting into practice the things you have just read about, listened to and seen. Truly interactive.

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