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Drummer in Space Elevatorr

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Although not a founding member of Space Elevator, Brian has been the drummer since the beginning of the band which was formed around 2012 by Brian's best friend David Young and The Duchess.

Brian was asked to record the drums for the first album in 2013 and the Space Elevator I was released on the 2nd March 2014.

Originally a one album project, SE I was recorded at Mike Moran's studio in Buckinghamshire with Brian on drums, Neil Murray on Bass and Elliot Ware on Keys.

With no original intention to gig, the studio band was just that. Although the band played a single gig at The Orange in 2014, it was decided that Dave, The Duchess and Brian would bring in a bass player and use tracks live to keep the band tight and manageable live. Chas Maguire joined the band for a series of promotional gigs and it was clear he was perfect as the fourth member.

The band played a short UK tour and a few gigs in Germany and then became ready to record a second album. SE II.

SE II for Brian had a very similar involvement to the recording of the first album. A fairly light touch in terms of time, as the band's creative genius is Dave and The Duchess. In the initial stages, Brian recorded a few demo's to help with the writing, to provide a little more feel than just a drum machine. A simple track was recorded for the proposed songs, using an electronic kit and then back to Dave and Duchess to complete their writing. Whether demo's or in the studio, there is only ever a guitar, or possibly some bass and some keys when the drums are recorded. Never any vocals or melodies, so it was, certainly for SE I & II an experience of taking some direction and laying down what felt right. In a recent interview Brian said, "It is always surprising to hear the finished songs, but Dave and Duchess know exactly what they want so over the years I have learned to just trust them.

For SE II we recorded the drums in two straight days, as we did for the first album, but this time at Kore Studios in Acton. It is a more direct album than SE I and I had Chas in the room with me so we were able to play live, as such and I Think we got a good organic sound together. Wer played to clicks of course, but we also played together and that really worked for me as by this time we had been playing quite a lot live together and had built a.

The drums for Persona Non Grata, was recorded during Lockdown and by this time Brian had his own recorded studio. 

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