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Online Drum Lessons - SKYPE

I appreciate that the normal routine has been somewhat interupted, given the recent guidance from HM Government. Accordingly, I have been making SKYPE lessons more available for those who wish to continue lessons, but perhaps would prefer, or need, to stay home.

All you need is an internet connection, a webcam and either your drums or practice pad.

Lessons will continue to be a mix of the Gigajam Online Music School's Essential Drum Skills Course and the London College of Music Grades, where all the resources are online. The Online Music School is, of course, available during and between lessons There are also many additional resources I can share to keep the lessons varied, and appropriate for across a video connection.

If you would like to book a SKYPE lesson just get in touch 07976 208859 or email For the first lesson to go seamlessly, we should schedule a 10 minute set up session where I will need you to dial in whilst we speak on our mobiles and get you a decent camera angle and good workable sound.

Face2Face Lessons

I will continue my face2face lessons, following the HM Government guidelines on hygience and social distancing* in both letter and spirit.

Please do continue to come to your lessons if you:

1. Are feeling well, not displaying any symptons and are not required to self isolate.

2. Follow the guidelines around hygiene, especially hand washing and please wash you hands before and after lessons.

3. Bring your own sticks, although I have plenty, so do not worry.

4. Help me ensure safe, social distancing by not shaking hands and, if I may, ask that parents do not sit in on lessons, for the time-being, so we have plenty of space.

If you would like more information, or wish to discuss your lessons, then please just get in touch. M:07976 208859


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