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Facebook Live and Dangerous

Here are a couple of recent live gigs I played which have been broadcast on Facebook live.

The first is with great soul and funk band Brother Strut, who kindly asked me to guest on drums for the great Frank Tontoh. My dear friend, Otha Smith, was kind enough to get me on board. It was filmed at Lovibonds Brewery in Henley On Thames in November 2018.

Had a blast with Steve Jones, Sam Tanner, Otha and the band's producer Adam Vanryne.

This second video is of Space Elevator live at The Haven Club, Bullingdon Arms in Oxford in February 2019.

A one-off gig, but part of the Space Elevator II Tour, the band consists of: David Young guitars, Chas Maguire bass, The Duchess on Vocals and the fifth member of the band our producer and film-maker, the very same Adam Vanryne.

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